Advantages of a Camshaft Assembly


A camshaft assembly is a component of an engine. Its co […]

A camshaft assembly is a component of an engine. Its construction involves two main components: the journal and the cam lobes. The journal is the central part of the assembly while the cam lobes are the outer parts. Both the journal and the cam lobes have openings that extend outwardly from the shaft.

The cam lobes are made of a material that is highly plastic and can be molded to the desired geometric shape. The material that is used for camshafts is usually a plastic or a non-metallic material, and it requires a long cycle time. This material is typically a nylon based or nylon blend. After it is molded, a period of time is needed for the molten plastic to cool and the cam lobes to fit.

A locking mechanism is another component of a camshaft assembly. This mechanism is used to lock the camshaft relative to the cam carrier. The locking mechanism includes an engagement member and a notch. These components ensure that the timing of the valves is accurate. The locking mechanism also prevents the cam from turning.

Another advantage of a camshaft assembly is that it uses low cost materials, which make it easy to implement. The assembly process involves placing the cams and journals in their proper orientation in a fixture. The cams and journals are then secured to a tube, which is made of low carbon steel.

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