Fang Xianzheng! The people of Zhejiang Junrong Auto Parts Co., Ltd. dare to work hard and move towards a higher goal!


Under the epidemic, Fang Xianzheng! The people of Zheji […]

Under the epidemic, Fang Xianzheng! The people of Zhejiang Junrong Auto Parts Co., Ltd. dare to work hard and move towards a higher goal!

On April 26, 2022, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 posed a severe challenge to Dayizheng, and it was also a huge challenge to Junrong Auto Parts. But in the face of the epidemic, the company seeks progress while maintaining stability, and goes all out to ensure delivery. Focusing on epidemic prevention and control on one hand, production and operation on the other hand, taking the lead in the market, and taking the lead in production, the hard-working Shuanghuan people fired the first shot at full production! In terms of epidemic prevention and control, the company strictly implements various epidemic prevention requirements: employees must undergo temperature checks, wear masks, and show "two codes" before entering the company; office and production areas are disinfected daily, and hand sanitizers and disinfectants are provided. ;Dining meals are divided into tables at different peak hours to prevent employees from gathering and causing risks. In terms of logistical support, the staff restaurant has sufficient stock of ingredients and stable supply channels, which fully guarantees the supply of catering for all staff. The company's effective epidemic prevention measures make every employee feel safe and secure, full of confidence and full of energy!

All staff on duty, customer first

"We really don't want to delay the progress of production because of the current situation of the epidemic, we just want to complete it as scheduled and give customers an explanation." During May Day, the simple words of a front-line employee were probably the voice of all Shuanghuan people. In order to be able to deliver smoothly, he resolutely chose to stick to his post, and to achieve the most timely response and delivery speed for the company to meet customer needs. In the workshop, all employees took up their posts and rushed to the schedule in an orderly manner. The busy scene did not show the impact of the epidemic at all. Under the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention, all staff worked together to overcome difficulties and ensure that the delivery of customer orders is not delayed. Strengthening every line of defense in epidemic prevention and control has resulted in no equipment or production line downtime in on-site production, no employee left behind, and no delivery delay. Our on-the-job attendance rate is 100%!

Quality and quantity, qualified delivery

Even in the face of such a particularly difficult situation, the company's work rhythm, the efficiency of serving customers, and the pace of accomplishing various targets have never "slowed down". From the blank to the finished product, each of our operators strictly controls every link. Pieces of high-quality products are born in precise operations. Every precise measurement and the ultimate pursuit of every detail endow the product with "reliable and durable." "quality. Guarantee the delivery of high-quality products to customers and improve the company's market competitiveness!

Functional assistance, full-line support

Administration, personnel, EHS, logistics, production and other departments under the unified command of the company, coordinate the deployment of personnel, equipment, logistics and other resources, take multiple measures to minimize the impact of the epidemic on customers and production, and ensure that all work is carried out in an orderly manner. The site is in good order to ensure that the products are delivered on time.

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