Fault Diagnosis of Air Brake Camshaft System


Fault Diagnosis of Air Brake Camshaft System The follow […]

Fault Diagnosis of Air Brake Camshaft System
The following camshaft wholesale, camshaft manufacturers and camshaft brand companies will talk about the fault diagnosis of the pneumatic brake camshaft system.

1. Brake failure or failure
Phenomenon: When braking, the braking effect of each wheel is not good or the braking effect is not available.

1. The operation of the air compressor is poor, so that the air pressure in the air storage cylinder is low or no air. It may be that the air compressor belt is too loose or broken, the air compressor discharge valve is leaking, the air compressor discharge valve spring is too soft or broken, and the piston or piston ring is leaking.
2. The trachea is cut or the joint is loose.
3. The brake valve diaphragm or brake air chamber diaphragm is broken.
4. The idle stroke of the brake pedal is too large.
5. The worm of the brake arm is not adjusted properly, so that the push rod of the brake air chamber extends too much.
6. The gap between the friction plate and the brake drum is too large or the friction plate is oily.

Fault diagnosis and elimination of air brake camshaft system:
1. If the indication of the pressure gauge is 0, you can step on the brake pedal, and if there is a sound of deflation when it is released, it means that the pressure gauge is faulty, and the pressure gauge should be replaced. If there is no sound of deflation, check the air compressor belt and the condition of the air pipe from the air compressor to the air storage cylinder.
2. After the above inspection, the situation is good. If the indication of the barometer is very low, the fault is in the air compressor. Check the technical conditions inside the exhaust valve or the cylinder and make corrections.
3. If the pressure value indicated by the barometer meets the standard, you can step on the pedal to check whether there is air leakage from the brake valve to each wheel. If there is no air leakage, check the idle stroke of the pedal and adjust the gap between the brake shoe friction pad and the brake drum.

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