How to check the journal clearance of the camshaft


At present, the research on the optimal design of the c […]

At present, the research on the optimal design of the cam profile of the lower camshaft is relatively thorough, and the theory and practice are relatively mature, while the optimal design of the cam profile of the overhead camshaft lacks practical calculation methods and design software. As the speed of the overhead camshaft engine is getting higher and higher, the contradiction between its inflatability, vibration noise and durability is becoming more and more prominent, so the optimization of its camshaft profile has more practical significance. Compared with the lower camshaft, the swing transmission ratio of the valve mechanism of the overhead camshaft is a variable value, so the kinematics calculation is complicated. Since the expressions of the speed and acceleration of the valve cannot be directly calculated, this makes the overhead camshaft cam The optimal design of the profile line is quite complicated.
For a car, the camshaft is the blood vessel of the heart. If the blood vessels of the heart are missing, it means that the car is broken, so one can imagine its importance. The purpose of the camshaft design is to ensure sufficient intake and exhaust of the cylinder, specifically to complete the opening and closing of the valve in the shortest possible time. In addition, considering the durability of the engine and the smoothness of operation, the valve should not have too much impact due to the acceleration and deceleration process during the opening and closing actions, otherwise it will cause serious valve wear, increased noise or other serious consequences. Therefore, there is a direct relationship between the camshaft and the power, torque output and smoothness of the engine.

The following camshaft wholesale, camshaft manufacturers and camshaft brand companies talk about how to check the journal clearance of the camshaft?
1) First measure the outer diameter of the camshaft journal with a micrometer.
2) Tighten the bolts of the camshaft bracket (camshaft installation cover) to the specified torque without installing the camshaft.
3) Measure the inner diameter of the camshaft bracket with an inner diameter gauge.
4) The calculation formula of the camshaft journal clearance is as follows:
Clearance = Crankshaft Bracket Inner Diameter - Crankshaft Journal Diameter
5) If the camshaft journal clearance exceeds the limit, replace the camshaft or cylinder head.

When handling the timing gear, first remove the nut fixing the gear. How to get it can use the following 6 methods. Let's talk about camshaft wholesale, camshaft manufacturers and camshaft brand companies.
①Place the camshaft and gear plate on a clean ground, place a suitable steel rod on the back of the timing gear or on the top of the front end of the shaft, and hit the steel rod with a hammer. Sometimes the timing gear can be removed with a few hammers.
② Turn the camshaft upside down and the gears are flushed down, place a steel rod or copper rod at the root of the gears, and knock down gently with a hammer.
③Place the camshaft gear on the tripod (traction frame) of the trailer or on the large jaw of the bench, punch down the camshaft, and hit the camshaft moderately downward with a hand hammer.
④If the bakelite gear is damaged and only V6 camshaft Suppliers the gear seat cover is left, you can use: electric welding cutting; cutting and pulling with a hacksaw, and the seat cover can be taken out by expanding it.
⑤ Use a suitable tensioner to pull out the gear. This method is also suitable for use in the car.
⑥Put the camshaft vertically in the press, pad the gears, and press the camshaft downward.

How does the car check the cam height of the camshaft? The following camshaft wholesale, camshaft manufacturers and camshaft brand companies will talk about the following points:
(1) Clean the oil on the surface of the camshaft cam.
(2) Use a micrometer to measure the highest point of the cam lobe. To measure, measure the cam height in two positions by moving it back and forth while adjusting the bayonet width of the micrometer until a slight resistance is felt.
(3) If the cam height exceeds the limit (the cam height is lower than the limit value, the cam is worn out), replace the camshaft.

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