How to troubleshoot when the brake camshaft system fails?


How to troubleshoot when the brake camshaft system fail […]

How to troubleshoot when the brake camshaft system fails?

1. Brake failure
The important thing is not to slow down or stop. First check whether the brake master cylinder lacks brake fluid. If it is lacking, add the same type of brake fluid and remove the atmosphere in the pipeline. If it is not missing, then it is necessary to check whether the brake pipelines are damaged or leaked, and make corrections and replacements according to the actual environment.

2, the braking effect is not good
If you step on the brake pedal a few times in a row, the pedal will gradually rise, and you can't step down after it rises. At this time, you can feel that the pedal has elasticity, and you can release it and then step on it later. If it is still possible to determine that there is air in the brake system, exhaust it. The exhaust sequence should start from china 4-cylinder dual VVT camshaft the brake pump and then to each sub-cylinder. And each sub-pump should be discharged one by one from the closest to the master pump.

If the brake fails to work when you step on the brake pedal, the position of the pedal is gradually increased, and the braking effect is exquisite, which means that the free stroke of the pedal is too large, which is probably the gap between the friction plate and the brake hub. is too big. To adjust the free travel of the pedal, check the clearance between the friction pads and the brake hub.

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