Camshaft modification


Camshaft modification In order to improve the power of […]

Camshaft modification
In order to improve the power of the engine, some modification shops have modified the camshaft of the engine, among which the replacement of the high-angle camshaft camshaft (Hi-CAM) is a common modification method. This modification operation is not complicated, but due to some modification personnel's lack of understanding of the working angle and working principle of the cam on the camshaft, the effect of the modification is not obvious or even leads to the deterioration of the performance of the engine.
The high-angle camshaft is relative to the cam working angle of the ordinary camshaft of about 240°, and the cam working angle of the high-angle camshaft can usually reach more than 280°. The large-angle camshaft can prolong the opening time of the valve and increase the lift of the valve, so that the intake valve and exhaust valve can be opened and closed early, so that more air can enter the cylinder, so as to improve the power of the engine at medium and high speed. output. For civilian vehicles, camshafts with a cam working angle below 278° should be selected during modification, because a camshaft with a working angle greater than 278° will greatly increase the valve overlap angle, which will greatly increase the power of the engine at high speeds, but the engine At low speed, the idling speed will be seriously shaken or even stalled due to the poor sealing of the cylinder. Such a vehicle cannot be used for daily use, but can only be used for competition purposes.

In 2009, it planned to build a 300,000 V6 assembled camshaft production line of SAIC GM Group and supply it with the end of the same year. In 2014, it expanded its scale and re-registered Zhejiang Junrong Auto Parts Co., Ltd. . In 2015, the company purchased 40 acres of land in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province to build a new plant, expanded two professional production lines with an annual output of 700,000 camshafts, and put them into full production in January 2016. In the same year, it purchased 50 acres of land in Jiangxi to build camshaft blanks. base.

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