My country will further accelerate the development of the auto parts industry


In recent years, benefiting from the healthy and rapid […]

In recent years, benefiting from the healthy and rapid development of the automotive industry, the scale and speed of development of the auto parts industry have been greatly improved. The national support policy for the development of the automotive industry will bring more development opportunities to the auto parts industry and further accelerate the development of the auto parts industry. During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, Yueling will fully grasp the good development opportunities of the industry, quickly increase the company's production and operation scale, and further expand the company's product capacity to meet the rapidly growing market demand by adding production lines with core competitive products ; At the same time, Yueling shares increased investment in research and development of high-tech products, while ensuring the company’s existing competitive advantage, enhancing the company’s competitiveness in the high-end product market, continuously expanding the company’s market share, further expanding the company’s profitability, and ensuring the company’s owner The sustainable and healthy development of business operations.

Judging from the development trend of the domestic and foreign automobile aluminum alloy wheel industry, in order to continuously adapt to the requirements of automobile high-speed driving, safety, energy saving, and lightweight, automobile aluminum alloy wheels are developing in the direction of large diameter, light weight, and high strength. With the increasing demand for "high strength and light weight" of aluminum alloy wheels in the industry market, the market demand for aluminum alloy wheel products with higher performance and lighter weight will become the main profit growth of the aluminum alloy wheel market in the future. point.

In order to meet the growing demand for "high-strength and light-weight" aluminum alloy wheel products in the industry market, Yueling shares this time to raise funds to invest in the construction of an annual output of "2.3 million pieces of cast aluminum alloy wheel project" and "R&D center" "Construction project", the implementation of the fundraising project will further improve the company's product performance and reduce product weight, which will help Yueling shares to improve the existing market competitive advantage. Based on Yueling's rich industry experience, ample customer resources and advanced management concepts, after this investment project is put into operation, it will further expand the company's production scale, reduce product costs, enhance profitability, and enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness.

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