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The cam mechanism is a simple motion mechanism that is […]

The cam mechanism is a simple motion mechanism that is a long sub-mechanism consisting of a camera, followers, and a frame. The cam mechanism is best when the displacement, velocity, and acceleration of the slave need to be changed exactly according to a given rule, especially when the prime mover moves continuously and the slave moves intermittently. The rules of motion of camel followers depend on the shape of the camel's corners and grooves. Eccentric can transform continuous rotational motion into mutual linear motion, realizing complex laws of motion. Cam mechanisms are widely used in a variety of automated machines, instruments and manual controls. The reason why the eccentric mechanism is widely used is that the eccentric mechanism can fulfill various requirements for complex motion, the structure is simple and compact, and the required motion law is accurately felt. As long as the cam contour curve is properly designed, the push rod can achieve a variety of expected kinetic rules.
Using the eccentric mechanism as a transmission mechanism can result in complex motion rules such as sudden velocity changes, pauses, and abnormal velocity motions with various step motions. The cam mechanism is also suitable for 4-stroke outboard motor camshaft use as a guide mechanism to drive the movement of components that generate complex paths or planar motions. You can use the eccentric mechanism as the control mechanism to control the automatic duty cycle of the actuator. Therefore, the design and manufacturing method of the cam mechanism is very important for the modern manufacturing industry.

camshaft assembly

Zhejiang Junrong Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the research, development, production and sales of automotive camshafts. With a registered capital of 10 million yuan, it has now become a major supporting supplier for well-known automobile brand manufacturers such as Shanghai Automobile, Geely and Zotye. The company's predecessor was Zhejiang Taizhou Xinke Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. In 2009, it planned to build a 300,000 V6 assembled camshaft production line of SAIC GM Group and supply it with the end of In 2014, it expanded its scale and re-registered Zhejiang Junrong Auto Parts Co., Ltd. In 2015, the company purchased 40 acres of land in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province to build a new plant, expanded two professional production lines with an annual output of 700,000 camshafts, and put them into full production in January 2016.

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