What is Ductile Iron Camshaft Blank


A ductile iron camshaft blank is a casting made of iron […]

A ductile iron camshaft blank is a casting made of iron that has undergone heat treatment. The iron alloy is made up of 3.40% carbon, 1.90% silicon, and up to 1.5% molybdenum. It can also contain a small amount of phosphorus or copper. This material can be used for a variety of applications, including automotive components.

The high carbon content of ductile iron produces a higher surface hardness. It is also easier to manufacture. A ductile iron camshaft can meet the high Hertzian stress requirements required for automobile applications and will still be durable. In addition to its high durability, a ductile iron camshaft will have minimal wear during the life of the engine.

This material has a similar structure to cast iron and is available in a wide range of grades. It is a low-cost replacement for steel camshafts and is suitable for engine blocks. However, it is not suitable for high-performance applications, such as OHC engines.

The preferred iron microstructure for a camshaft blank is bainite, which comprises 25% to 75% of the iron content. The remaining percentage is comprised of unreacted low carbon austenite and martensite. In addition, a small amount of cementite is present in the original ductile iron microstructure, but is usually less than 1%.

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