What is the use of the brake camshaft?


What is the use of the brake camshaft? The brake camsha […]

What is the use of the brake camshaft?
The brake camshaft is an important part of the car and one of the components in the piston engine. The main body of the camshaft is a cylindrical rod with the same length as the cylinder block. There are several cams on it to drive the valves. One end of the camshaft is the bearing support point, and the other end is connected with Wholesale 1.0TD camshaft finished product the driving wheel. The following camshaft wholesale, camshaft manufacturers and camshaft brand companies talk about the use of brake camshafts?

The primary function of the car brake camshaft is to control the opening and closing of the valve, so as to ensure that the engine regularly inhales fresh combustible gas mixture for the cylinder during operation, and simultaneously discharges the combusted exhaust gas to the cylinder in time. A missing core component.

Specifically, the car brake camshaft drives the valve directly through the rocker arm, which is more suitable for high-speed car engines. Because of the high speed, in order to ensure the intake and exhaust and transmission power, reduce the vibration and noise presented by high speed, and reduce the vibration and noise. The transmission structure is simplified, and overhead camshafts and overhead valves are basically used, so that the structure of the engine will be more compact. However, the problem with Wholesale 4-cylinder single overhead camshaft the overhead camshaft is that the arrangement of the components is messy and it will be a little more troublesome to repair. However, it is still very suitable for car engines to measure whether it is good or bad.

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