What's the matter with the abnormal noise of the camshaft of the generator


The generator set is a mechanical device that converts […]

The generator set is a mechanical device that converts other forms of energy into electrical energy. However, sometimes incorrect use will cause damage to the generator, and even cause abnormal noise of the camshaft. At this time, the generator needs to be repaired.

The following camshaft wholesale, camshaft manufacturers and camshaft brand companies will talk about the reasons for the abnormal sound of camshafts:

1. The matching clearance between the bearing and the journal is too large and relatively loose;

2. The gap is too large or too bent;

3. The bearing is loose or the bearing alloy is ablated, peeled off or worn too much;


1. There is no change in the sound of the oil cut-off test, which can ease the change of the throttle valve. If the idle sound is clear, the sound is obvious at medium speed, and the sound changes from clutter to weakened at high speed, the diagnosis is that the axial clearance of the camshaft is too large or the bearing is loose.

2. Use a stethoscope on the cylinder to auscultate the diesel engine at a rotating speed with a strong sound. If there is a sound somewhere and it is accompanied by vibration, it can be diagnosed as a bearing noise there.

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