Symptoms of damaged car camshafts and installing a new camshaft


Symptoms of car camshaft damage The working principle o […]

Symptoms of car camshaft damage
The working principle of the car camshaft is: the continuous rotation of the car camshaft pushes the valve lifter to move up and down, thereby controlling the opening and closing of the valve. By changing the curve of china Cold shock camshaft blank Suppliers the camshaft, the valve opening and closing time can be precisely adjusted.

The following camshaft wholesale, camshaft manufacturers and camshaft brand companies will talk about the symptoms of car camshaft damage as follows:

1. The car has high pressure fire, but the starting time is long, and the car can finally work;
2. During the starting process, the crankshaft will be reversed, and the intake manifold will be backfired;
3. The idling speed of the car is unstable and the vibration is severe, which is similar to china Ductile iron camshaft blank Manufacturers the lack of cylinders in the car;
4. The car lacks acceleration, the car cannot run, and the speed exceeds 2500 rpm;
5. The vehicle presents high fuel consumption, the exhaust emission exceeds the budget, and the exhaust pipe will produce black smoke.

How to install the camshaft?
1. Before installing the camshaft, install each bearing cover to check whether the camshaft hole is misaligned;
2. When installing the camshaft, the cam of cylinder 1 must be upward, and the valve should not be compressed;
3. After installing the bearing cap, first replace and tighten the bearing caps of lanes 2 and 5 diagonally, then install the bearing caps of lanes 1 and 3, and then install the bearing cap of lane 4, and tighten all the bearing cap bolts;
4. Install the camshaft oil seal, install the camshaft semicircular key and timing gear, and tighten the bolts.

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